Thailand 8 Days Voice and Data Prepaid Sim Card

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* Required for pre-activation items. (Refer to Package Summary)

Package Includes:

  • First 3GB data on 4G/3G network, followed by unlimited data @ 128kbps.
  • Access to TrueMove WiFi. (Dial *871*4# to get WiFi password)
  • 100 Baht credit to call or SMS.

 To Start Using:

  1. Insert SIM card after arrival.
  2. Turn on Mobile Data, 4G/LTE and Data Roaming, reboot your phone.

* For dual SIM phones, please insert our SIM into slot 1 and leave slot 2 empty to activate.

How to Call:

  • Local Call: Dial the number directly. (1 Bhat/min)
  • Call International: Dial 00600 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.

E.g. Dial 00600 65 xxxx xxxx to call back to Singapore. (2 Bhat/min)

Service Code:

  • Check credit balance: Dial *123#
  • Check high-speed data balance: Dial *900#